Most of the images on this site are available for purchase under Rights Managed (RM) licenses for specific uses. Images that can be licensed are tagged with a large blue BUY button. Image usage history is available on request, please contact Kim Annan photographer.

Image quality

Images are supplied as high resolution, high quality JPEG files. Industry best practice procedures are followed: 

  • JPEG files are saved at maximum quality and in the Adobe 1998 RGB colorspace. 

  • Minimal sharpening is applied. For optimal results, sharpening should be applied once the image has been resized for final output. If you require help with this please contact Kim Annan photographer.

  • Images are available at the maximum optical resolution of the camera used. The pixel dimensions are shown beneath the large preview image. No images have been upsized . Panoramic images may be available in very high resolutions as they are made from multiple shots. Images scanned from film originals are noted as such.


Immediate pricing is available by using the online price calculator made available when you click the BUY IMAGE button, then the DOWNLOAD tab.

Payment and high resolution file download

We use the secure online services of PayPal to process payments, including secure credit card payments. High resolution files are available immediately upon payment verification from PayPal. You will be re-directed back to a download link on the Kim Annan photographer website.

Searching for images

You can search for images by keyword or location. Go to the Search page for detailed information. If you don't find what you are looking for or wish to see other images similar to a chosen image, please contact me.

I can also put together a customized search and supply a lightbox of images to choose from. Please contact me with your specific requirements.